Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome to Physics!

Welcome Physics Class!

I'm trying something new this year and hoping to do as much homework online as possible. Your first assignment is to read the following articles and answer the questions. You will receive 5 points for your thoughtful answers to the questions and 5 points for responding to someone elses answers. This assignement is worth 10 points.

What is physics powerpoint.

What is physics article.

Physics topics


1. What did you find intersting about the "What is Physics" article? Why?

2. Which topic that we will be studying are you most excited about and why?

3. Which topic that we will be studying are you least excited about and why?

4. Is there anything not listed that you specifically want to study in this class and why?


  1. 1. What I found most interesting about physics is all of the things that it led scientists to create; for instance I did not know that physicists created the internet. Also, I think the concept behind the technology that I use every day would be interesting such as things that can be found in the field of Quantum Mechanics.

    2 .The topic that I am most looking forward to studying this year is the topic of astrophysics, because it seems like it will be a brand new concept for me this year and I love to lean aside from that fact I also love to learn about space.

    3. The topic I’m least excited about is the section of Optics, because to be quite honest I think it sounds boring, however I could easily be mistaken about that fact and I will keep and open mind and decided for myself later in the year.

    4. I think these topics cover most of what I would want to study. However, I think it also might be interesting to cover the history of physics and how it is helping us today .so I hope you have things of that nature worked in hand in hand with the actual lessons.

  2. Joe
    1. I found it interesting how physics has so many branches that I wasn't aware of. I also agree with Aaron in that I wasn't aware of the impact that physicists had on everyday life like creating the internet and so many other inventions that use and may take for granted.
    2. I looking forward to working with electromagnetism, I think, just because it deals with motors, and I want to know how that works.
    3. Judging from what I've read I don't know if I'm going to like a lot of things in physics or not. I really don't like the idea of working with optics though because I've never liked dealing with it.
    4. I'm not exactly sure what I want to study at this moment in physics. So, at this point no there are not any other topics I want to learn about, but there may be a few once we get started.

  3. 1. I found it most interesting how physics is everything around us. I had no idea it was so indepth and had so many branches.
    2. The topic I am most looking forward to is optics. I've always been interested in mirror and light effects, and probably has more levels to it than I am aware of.
    3. Electromagnetism just sounds boring to me, but I could be proven wrong easily so I'll just wait untill after that lesson to judge.
    4. I can't make any suggestions. Most of these topics sound interesting, although Aaron has a good idea with learning the history of physics.

  4. 1. I like how the author made references to new technology and how it was discovered. I thought it was really cool that the GPS system was created by the idea of matter in space. The idea that space shrinks and time expands is also really fascinating.
    2. I think that I am most excited for electromagetism and optics. I enjoy learning about the way light moves and it is a new concept for me.
    3. I am not looking forward to learning about laws of motion and the stuff we learned in physical science. I find that boring. Hopefully physics will be a little more challenging for me in that area.
    4.I would like to learn more about space and time that was mentioned in the article. To me physics in space is mind blowing and just doesn't seem possible.

  5. I'm loving all of your comments so far. I haven't figured out how to respond to each one individually yet. I hope that is possible. Maybe we can talk about that in class if anyone knows how. Otherwise, I'll look into it and try to figure it out.

    A couple of comments I have on your posts:

    1. I think learning about the history would be good too. I hadn't thought about teaching it, because for some reason I assumed you all knew it. Thanks for the suggestion! I will put something together. With this class being smaller in size we are more able to spend more time on what we are interested in and less time on what we may not like as much so your comments really help me plan for what will suit you best.

    To me, a good place to look for the beginning of physics is with Galileo and Copernicus and go from there. Tomorrow we are going to watch a film and they are mentioned some. That may give us a start.

    2. Astrophysics is my favorite section personally. I find it really mind blowing and I am fascinated by it. I naturally try to spend more time on that section just because I love it so much. I'm happy to read that some of you do too. Also, most of the time the astromony and physics departments are combined at major universities so they are very connected.

    3. It looks like there is varying interest in the area of optics and electromagnetism. Neither area is my strong suit nor do I enjoy them that much. After reading your comments, I think I would like to teach you the minimum needed to meet the requirements of the course, but then give you time to so some individual projects so that if you are interested in a specific section you can focus more on it. Those sections are both towards the end of the year. I would love to see Joe building a motor and Jordan relating optics and the bending of light in a drawing or something. Aaron and Angie, there are so many different topics about space that are new and exciting. I can't think of a hands on activity for astrophysics off the top of my head, but you may have some ideas or maybe a research project on a topic you want to spend more time with would be good. Those are just thoughts off the top of my head, but anything you want to look more into can be discussed. Lets all try to keep this idea of individual projects in mind as we go through the year so when it comes time, you can let me know some ideas you may have for your own personnal project.

  6. 1. I think it is amazing how much Physics deal with everything in your life. I never imagined that anything within your TV deals with physics. It's interesting how much they must calculate such as getting rockets into space.

    2. To be honest, astrophysics sounds amazing. I have always been interested in space, and combining math and physics with it will make it enjoyable.

    3. Motion in physics does not get me at all. It is just plain math, and we've learned it many times over the years. It's nothing new.

    4. Well, I really don't know enough about physics to suggest something in it to do..

  7. 1.The fact that physics covers such a wide variety of things surprises me. This major covers everything and i didn't realize that the study of time, matter, and space could lead to so many useful discoveries.
    2.Elctromagnetism sounds really interesting. Sounds like something new and exciting i have never considered learning about but i think i would like to.
    3.Force and Inertia sound alot like physical science and i really didn't like that class. It deals to much with math and equations that it doesnt interest me at all.
    4.I wouldn't know what else i want to talk about i really don't know that much about physics so anything you teach works for me.

  8. I guess I’m relay not commenting on anyone’s in particular, but after reading this I realized I totally spaced (pun) how the fact that physics is related to time interests me. I honestly just don’t understand the concept of time at all, and as someone who more interested in philosophy ;the way I look at time is probably far from the way a scientist looks at it, so I would really be interested to learn about that .

  9. first off, id like to say--YES! im doing this at almost 3 in the morning on the day it's due!! this is for you Mrs. Mendoza cause you said you were sad no one answered at 3 A.M. =)

    1. I thought the most interesting part was the space/time change that Newton and Maxwell couldn't agree on and that Einstein eventually figured out. The whole warp theories and other things that deal with moving faster than the speed of light intrigue me.

    2. Modern Electronics under Magnetism and Electricity!! duh!!! haha Cant get enough of my hi-tech devices! (especially the BA computer im on right now)

    3. Might say the inertia and force thing might be the least exciting, but thats only cause weve done that before. But im pretty sure well go more in depth this year!!

    4. I would love to learn more about quantum physics. yes yes, i know... call me a nerd all you want, but being able to change atoms or learn how to make systems capable of traveling through time and space in a split second--now thats amazing

  10. wow it seems our class is all over the place with opinions!!! some people seem to think that optics will be AMAZING!! while others say that electromagnestism is definitely gonna be the highlight of the year (which it is!!). But i must say that others think the exact same where others dont quite see eye to eye... not like were gonna start any arguments or fights! but u never know. we got conflicting interests here!!

    electronics FTW!!

  11. (I have to say SCEmperor it's really interesting reading your comments)I think it's so cool that everyone is interested in different fields of physics. i think it would be fun if we each do a project on a different subject(possibly as a semester test since I will be the only one taking the 2nd semester test). I am really looking forward to this physics class and hopefully it will be a great year.

  12. I didn't read that anyone is really interested in spending a lot of time with motion and Newton's Laws. I don't know what the majority of you studied in physical science or the level at which you learned it. Sooo.... I'm thinking will start with a little history and who's who of the motion world at least and then test a little of your math and call that our first unit. That way I will be able to tell if you need more time with it or not. If you don't, then we'll just move on. How much time have you spent with momentum? What about how momentum is related to impluse? Besides Angie, have the rest of you done an egg drop (no parachutes)?

  13. I have to agree with Jordan i think learning about optics would be really interesting. I really dont know what to expect from this class so im ready to learn a little bit of everything and to apply it to different things outside of class and do some really neat projects this year.

  14. I'm going to have to disagree with April and Jordan. I find working with optics to be kind of boring. Maybe I just need to do a project with you guys to get into it. I think I would rather do a project on Electromagnetism with April. I'm not sure though. It will be interesting to learn about all these new topics.

  15. Dispite all the negativity towards optics I still believe it would be a n interesting section. I agree with Joe now that Electromagnetism could be interesting, but I believe all topics with have something we all can enjoy.