Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Physics

On Monday we are watching a movie called Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Physics. You can click on the title if you want to watch it from your computer again or if you missed class on Monday. Please comment on this post and tell me:

1. What was your favorite part of the movie? Why?

2. What did you find confusing or what didn't you like about the movie? Why?

You will receive 5 points for you thougthful posts and 5 points for your responses. You must answer both questions in your post and provide at least 1 thoughtful response to someone elses post to receive the full 10 points. This assignment is due Wednesday, September 2nd.

Welcome to Physics!

Welcome Physics Class!

I'm trying something new this year and hoping to do as much homework online as possible. Your first assignment is to read the following articles and answer the questions. You will receive 5 points for your thoughtful answers to the questions and 5 points for responding to someone elses answers. This assignement is worth 10 points.

What is physics powerpoint.

What is physics article.

Physics topics


1. What did you find intersting about the "What is Physics" article? Why?

2. Which topic that we will be studying are you most excited about and why?

3. Which topic that we will be studying are you least excited about and why?

4. Is there anything not listed that you specifically want to study in this class and why?